PoN MEV Infra

Ethereum's Only Relay with an Encrypted Mempool.

Focus Area

The PoN Relay is a lightweight composable relay. It features a price auction that allows custom strategies and full privacy for Builders.

A Neutral Relay Built for Everyone

MEV+ is a unique technology that helps to prevent frontrunning and other types of transaction manipulation on the Ethereum network. By working closely with the Ethereum community, we've developed a suite of tools and protocols that promote secure, efficient, and transparent transactions.

Blinded blocks with a ZK MEV payment proof.


The relay has no knowledge about block content it propagates to the validator. However, the validator payment is ensured by the builder through a ZK proof.

A decentralized open auction for blockspace.


A default ascending second price auction for maximum validator payouts with complete transparency. Open for all builders regardless of the bid size or performance.

A relay designed specifically for order flow auctions.


The relays work as lightweight MEV auction markets, and provide versatile bid delivery with dynamic top of the block payments.

Off-chain coordination with on-chain settlement.


The PoN Relay leverages the full potential of PBS and registry smart contracts enabling programmable MEV coordination.

Reinforcing Ethereum's neutrality through cryptographic guarantees.

Automated end-to-end MEV supply chain with smart contract driven operations.


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PoN Types Library

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