Credibly Neutral Infrastructure for the MEV ecosystem

Redefining Maximal Extractable Value into Maximum Expressive Value.

Building neutral protocols and primitives for Ethereum MEV.

PoN Relay

Relay and OFA

A neutral relay for optimistic block building featuring an encrypted mempool.




On-chain PBS

An in protocol Proposer Builder Seperation smart contract suite for MEV credible commitment.




Validator Client

Modular MEV Client with on-chain and off-chain capabilities.




Intents allow for users to outsource their desired DeFi tasks to an agent with native protection on-chain from MEV vulnerabilities.

Generalized Intent Kernel

Standard Intent templates

Single domain and Cross domain Intents

No Transparency

Blocks are visible to multiple parties behind closed doors preventing a credibly neutral MEV supply chain.


Hardcoded logic without programmability or composability.

Not On-chain Representation

As an off-chain operation no party is provably neutral.

Our Ecosystem

Privacy Aware Builder

Encrypted block building with a ZK bid proof for validator payments.

ZK gadget for block and bid proof.

Modular OFA

Order flow auction platform based on a bulletin board.

Ascending second price auction.

MEV+ Client

A new MEV validator client that enables open innovation.

A lightweight JavaScript MEV client.

Generalized Intent

A smart contract kernel for creating custom intents.

A new standard for MEV coordination.

No Liquidity Bridging

A new generalized cross-chain system for token portability.

Multi-domain intent for token bridging.

Private Intent MPC

An MPC driven MEV marketplace.

CIP for private block bundles.

Security and Audits

Formal Audit - PBS Contracts

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PON Off protocol Model analysis (MEV Order Flow Auction + Reporter)

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Formal Verification Generalized Kernal

Coming Soon

Game Theory Audit

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RPBS Cryptography audit

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CIP - MPC Cryptography audit

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Multichain Intent ( SRG - Gateway ERC20)

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Security Audit - SRG Gateway ERC20

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