Generalized Intents

Ultimate security.

Generalized Intents



Compatible with all EVM execution environments. Privacy, execution environments,

On-chain & Off-chain


Natively use all on-chain elements with off-chain infrastructure.

Plug and Play Templates


Use the template library to quickly develop your intents based protocols.

DeFi Ready


Compatible with all EVM execution environments. Privacy, execution environments,

Programmable Intent Kernel

Express your intents as a user or smart contract protocol with full protection and get it executed by any off-chain.

Generalized Intent SDK

The world of intents

The Generalized Intents Kernel allows Maximum Expressive Value for the entire MEV supply chain. At its core it enables a secure coordination between on-chain and off-chain parties trustlessly with the guarantees of EVM. Intents are executed as smart contract transactions.

DeFi Users

The kernel comes with a standard library of DeFi interactions. These can be customizable by wallets and users as desired and get executed exactly as intended.


Protocols can trustlessly initiate custom intents via a standard template. This makes the protocol MEV aware and enables features for them to be user-friendly and safe.

Builders & Searchers

MEV actors become more efficient sourcing order flow via standardized intents. This enables better auctions that aggregate and execute intents benefit all parties.

Talks and walkthroughs

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Join a community which is building around the Generalized Intents Kernal.

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