The Proof of Neutrality (PoN) Network is a collection of protocols built to support credibly neutral infrastructure.

Focus Area

These assets are superfluid, don't require an intermediary, don't require a bridge, are capital efficient, and provide yield singularity with native blockchain cryptographic security.

Reinforcing Ethereum Neutrality

User Desirability (Bias)


As a neutral layer, the PoN infrastructure intersects with both positive and negative influences within the governance systems. On the positive side, it fosters diverse ideas within composable architecture. Users can express their preferences and shape decision-making to cater to their needs, promoting innovation, adaptability..

Common Knowledge (Logic)


By harnessing the power of permissionless public blockchains, PoN provides verifiable and tamper-proof coordination for collective decision making based on the historical record of transactions and events. This is made possible through the use of registry smart contracts which provide a credible commitment scheme..

Longtail Efficacy (UX)


Embracing the continuous evolution of web3, it is imparative to maintain a programmable and modular approach to systems development. This philosophy coupled with the core motive of making each product simple and easy to use allows for more user adoption in the present and future. As the name suggests, PoN is..

Mechanism (Based)


The systems and protocols of the Proof of Neutarlity Network are designed to maintain asset integrity, remove external interference, and automate decision making. Maintaing asset integrity is performed by leveraging immutable records of verifiable authenticity and ownership without the reliance of centralized..

Core contributors for PoN

The core contributors of PoN are Abstract Systems and Blockswap Labs. Their focus is on relentlessly spreading credibly neutral infrastructure throughout web3. If you align with everything the PoN Network stands for then apply to join the team.

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